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Reddick Pool Service offers professional, fast and efficient pool cleaning



We know that cleaning your pool can be a hassle. Don’t spend your time cleaning your swimming pool, leave the pool cleaning hassle to us! Spending hours in the hot Florida sun and humidity while cleaning your pool when you should be enjoying it instead is no fun. Your swimming pool is your backyard oasis, a place of relaxation and entertainment for your family and friends. But instead, you are spending quality time cleaning and maintaining your pool instead of making the most of it. We can take care of the whole pool cleaning process for you, from cleaning your pool filter to vacuuming your pool, as well as maintaining the proper pool chemicals. We can also provide pool repairs and other maintenance, and we do it all at highly competitive prices!

Pool care and maintenance should never be ignored. If neglected, a pool can harbor dangerous bacteria and pathogens. Left untreated these contaminants can damage the investment you made in your swimming pool. Reddick Pool Maintenance is dedicated to keeping your swimming pool cleaned and maintained properly. Having a professional pool cleaning company service your swimming pool leaves you more time to enjoy your swimming pool. Reddick Pool Service can arrange a schedule to meet your pool cleaning needs whether that be weekly or bi-weekly cleanings. We promise that your pool will be thoroughly cleaned on each visit, as well as taking care of any maintenance issues that may come up.

Our services include:

  • Test and adjust pool chemical levels as needed
  • Skim the pool to remove debris from the water 
  • Brush the pool tiles and the interior walls
  • Vacuum the bottom of the pool/spa
  • Empty the skimmer and pump baskets
  • Clean filter or backwash as needed
  • Add additional pool water as needed
  • Inform the customer of any problems or needed repairs

Reddick Pool Service can handle all of your swimming pool maintenance needs. Call Reddick Pool Service today for a free estimate and start enjoying your pool!

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